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Choose pot and chicken with Nanban "Ryu-chan ni Waii" course 【8 items 3H drinking and drinking 3500 yen】 Kimi ni ye 2H the day before

Choose pot and chicken with Nanban "Ryu-chan ni Waii" course 【8 items 3H drinking and drinking 3500 yen】 Kimi ni ye 2H the day before

By using a coupon3500 yen

  • 8items
  • 250persons
All-you-can-drink available

All 40 kinds or more 120 minute system (LO 30 minutes before) ※ All you can drink menu may be different depending on the season.※ The place of the all-you-can drink, thank you in exchange for empty glass.※ Last order of the all-you-can drink will be 30 minutes before the end.

Reservation deadline
Visit of hope on the day until 14 o'clock
Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday, Sunday and public holiday

★ The famous cuisine of Ryuchan, including the famous chicken wings and chicken barbarians, can also enjoy meat dishes such as Hakata potato and shabu shabu firmly.※ The photograph is an image.

Course menu

■ Course content ■

* When you make a reservation, please choose your favorite pot from Hakata with pot or shabu shabu.

[Cooled vegetables] Duck smoked green onion salad

【Fresh fish】 Seasoned fish! Tattoo of bonito

【Gem】 a specialty! Deep-fried chicken wings

【Fried】 Excellent! Special Chicken Namba ~ Akuta Tartar sauce ~

【Warm thing】 Steamed rice with scallops and spring cabbage

【Fried】 Fried white fish Isobe fried

【Nabtes】 Choose a hot pot with sharp or shabu-shabu

【Episode】 Champon Noodle

■ conditions of use ■

※ Advance reservation required (up to the day before the reservation date)

※ 3 hours free all-you-can-drink (30 minutes before LO) / 2 hours before Kim Bin

* There may be contents change depending on the reservation on the day or purchase situation.

※ On the day of the number of people change, cancel please let us know the day before because the dishes allowance cancellation fee will occur.※ The photograph is an image.

All-you-can-drink menu

Suntory Malts
· Oolong Hi / Green Tea High / Lemon Sour / Grapefruit Sour / Tea High / Jasmine High
· High ball / rock / water split
· Excellent (cold / dark)
· Black Kirishima 【potato】 / Kokoro sword 【wheat】 / Shiratake 【Rice】 / Ren and [Brown sugar] / Kume Sen [Awamori;
·Fruit wine
· Plum wine / Yuzu plum wine / white peach liquor / mango liquor
· Cassis Orange · Cassis Grapefruit · Cassis Oolong · Cassis Soda / Peach Orange · Peach Grapefruit · Peach Oolong · Peach Soda / Lychee Orange · Lychee Grapefruit · Lychee Oolong · Rich Soda / Vodka Orange · Vodka Grapefruit · Vodka Oolong · Vodka Soda
Red / white
·Soft drink
· Oolong tea / green tea / orange juice / grapefruit juice

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